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“The invisible tape” – Lohmann develops special adhesive tape for solar industry
Lohmann can draw on decades of experience in the development of customized adhesive solutions for the solar energy sector.

As a pioneer in adhesive tape technologies, the "bonding engineers" are also trailblazers in the bonding of solar laminates in frame profiles. The company is now market leader in framing tapes for photovoltaic modules and offers the most varied product solutions to support innovative process developments.

This is evident in the fact that the specialists in the Building & Renewable Energies market segment have developed and patented a remarkable product for fixing cells within crystalline solar modules. The product is a single-sided adhesive laminating tape comprising an Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) - compatible substrate together with a mesh-like coating of special adhesive. This adhesive tape represents a completely new way of securing solar cells and has many advantages for the user. For example, it has a sufficiently high initial tack with respect to the EVA material and the rear of the cell. This enables the "strings", a collection of solar cells connected in series within a module, to be held in place during the lamination process. As the substrate and the multi-layer films in the solar modules are made from EVA, the adhesive tape is rigid and resistant to deformation prior to lamination. This prevents the cells from "drifting" and facilitates both manual and automatic application. Another factor that makes this DuploCOLL adhesive tape unique is its tremendous adaptability. Owing to its compatibility with all other components, it remains invisible following lamination – no inclusions or discolouration! The adhesive tape can be supplied as a directly applicable die-cut for ease of use. Taken as a whole, the "invisible tape" optimizes the manufacturing process for crystalline solar modules and helps reduce cycle times.


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