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Bondexpo 2011: Lohmann demonstrates Pick & Place process
Hall 7, stand 7519 at Bondexpo 2011 in Stuttgart will be the place to go to see the latest solutions for adhesive die-cut products from Lohmann, the Bonding Engineers.

At its site in Remscheid, Lohmann manufactures a whole range of die-cut parts for the automobile industry, the electrical and electronics industries, mobile communication applications, renewable energies and the medical sector. The most important requirements are the positional accuracy of the die-cut parts on the carrier materials, consistent adhesive properties, highest levels of process reliability and flexible and rapid manufacturing. In the medical sector, the key criteria are the material properties and above all accuracy (tolerances < 50 µm) and cleanliness, which means manufacturing in clean rooms. To further its strategic aim of acquiring new customers in the medical sector, the existing clean room has been redesigned and the production area transformed into a clean storage area.


We are seeing increased levels of interest in customized die-cut parts for automated production processes. "Pick & place", for example, involves the automatic positioning of components, logos or self-adhesive die-cut parts. The components are fed into a machine in trays or in bulk. The machine separates the components and applies a self-adhesive coating to them. The die-cut part is custom-fit to a logo, for example, which is then positioned precisely in a housing. The finished component is subsequently put back into the tray and packed. Throughout the application, the degree of automation depends on the number of components being processed and the overall complexity of the pick & place process. Visitors will be able to see the pick & place process in action on the Lohmann stand.


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