Low-emission bonding solutions for automotive interiors

Solvent-free adhesive tape portfolio for versatile bonding applications in vehicles

The Lohmann DuploCOLL LE (LE = low emission) product portfolio has been developed for bonding applications in vehicle interiors. For automotive manufacturers, in addition to efficiency and sustainability, odor and low emission values are decisive factors for all interior applications. Lohmann's low-VOC adhesive tapes offer the perfect solution for various designs and decorative materials and provide a flexible alternative to liquid adhesives, screws and clips for permanently reliable fixation. In addition, Lohmann's electrically and thermally conductive bonding solutions open up new possibilities for automotive engineers and designers.


Low-VOC and low-fogging according to VDA 278

All adhesive tapes in the DuploCOLL LE portfolio are 100% solvent-free and meet the automotive industry's high requirements for low VOC, low fogging and low odor values. The solvent-free adhesive tapes are tested in accordance with the current VDA standards and meet the requirements of OEMs for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and condensable emissions (FOG), among others, in accordance with VDA 278. They thus contribute to improved air quality in automotive interiors due to low-odor ingredients and low emissions.

 low VOC adhesive tape.png 

Low fogging adhesive tape.png

 low odor adhesive tape.png 
Low VOC Low fogging Low odor


Overview: The DuploCOLL LE portfolio

The low-VOC tape range consists of a broad portfolio of transfer tapes, paper tapes, scrim tapes, film tapes and PE foam tapes in different thicknesses that enable a wide range of adhesive bonding applications in vehicle interiors. Laminating tapes reinforce flexible materials with a scrim or paper backing and stabilise them both in the die-cutting process and in the customer's manufacturing process. The low-emission adhesive, in combination with the compressible and elastic PE-foam carrier, enables the compensation of component tolerances. The carrier foam is easy to process due to its dimensionally stable construction. The double-sided adhesive tapes are characterized by high initial tack and excellent adhesion to various substrates, including low-energy surfaces. In addition, they offer excellent temperature resistance. With Lohmann's sustainable TwinMelt technology, they are manufactured in a solvent-free coating process with low energy consumption and thus reduced carbon footprint. In addition, all tapes in the portfolio are equipped with a recyclable liner. They are available as rolls, spools or die-cuts in any desired format.

 Tape structure DuploCOLL 59100.5 LE.png   Tape structure DuploCOLL 59101.4 LE.png   Tape structure DuploCOLL 59102.5 LE.png 
Transfer tape Scrim carrier Paper carrier
 Tape structure DuploCOLL 59103.5 LE.png   Tape structure DuploCOLL 59108.5 LE.png   Tape structure DuploCOLL 59105.5 LE.png 
Film carrier PE-foam carrier black PE-foam carrier white


The solvent-free adhesive tapes of the DuploCOLL LE range are available with 6 carrier materials as well as 2 liner variations and in different thicknesses.

Adhesive bonding applications in automotive interiors

With their high initial adhesion as well as their excellent adhesive strength on a wide range of substrates, the low VOC adhesive tapes enable reliable bonding of design plastic parts, wood decors or innovative material surfaces. Thanks to their high temperature resistance, the double-sided adhesive tapes fix heating systems in seats, armrests, steering wheels as well as for dashboards and other areas in electric cars. Even large-area applications such as pillar claddings, door panels and rear seat covers do not impact the air quality in the vehicle interior thanks to the low-odor properties. Low-emission adhesive tapes can also be used to bond sensors in automobiles, such as Hands-Off Detection (HOD) or Driver Presence Detection (DPD).

Noise-absorbing materials play a major role in vehicle construction, especially for e-cars. The solvent-free adhesive tapes allow fixation of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) felts to various vehicle parts, such as door coverings. Thanks to low-emission adhesives, even large-area applications do not affect the cabin air quality.

Bonding door felts in a car door.png

Your benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion to demanding surfaces and various geometries
  • Efficient noise reduction thanks to combination with different damping materials
  • Fulfilling OEM requirements for air quality in vehicle interiors thanks to low-VOC and low-odor adhesives
  • Solvent-free adhesive tapes according to the specifications of the VDA 278 standard

Temperature-resistant transfer and scrim adehsive tapes are the optimal choice for bonding surface heating systems in e-cars and heating elements in seats or steering wheels. The low-odor adhesive tape portfolio can be used for various applications and different materials.

Heating elements are fixed in the car seat with adhesive tape.png

Your benefits:

  • High initial adhesion (tack) for optimized processing
  • Excellent adhesion to demanding surfaces
  • Low-emission and low-odor even at elevated temperatures
  • Solvent-free adhesive tapes according to the specifications of the VDA 278 standard

PE-foam adhesive tapes, as high-precision and easy-to-process die-cut parts, enable the application of badges, emblems, letterings and model names in any desired format on various materials, such as plastics. The foam adhesive tapes compensate for uneven surfaces as well as vibrations.

An emblem is bonded to a steering wheel with double-sided adhesive tape.png

Your benefits:

  • Efficient assembly and shorter cycle times in serial production
  • Clean bonding without adhesive dripping compared to liquid solutions
  • Low-emission tape available on rolls, spools or as customizable die-cuts

The low-emission adhesive tapes of the DuploCOLL LE range can be laminated with a wide selection of damping materials, including textiles or foams, as well as according to customer requirements. For example, NVH materials such as anti-creak films and felts, damping foams or spacer fabrics can be bonded reliably. These single-sided adhesive damping systems are ideal for noise reduction or for fastening cables on the headliner.

Black foam tape is laminated onto a yellow liner.png

Your benefits:

  • High initial adhesion (tack)
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including low energy surfaces
  • Low-emission adhesives do not affect air quality in vehicle interiors, even in large-area applications
  • Solvent-free adhesive tapes tested according to the current VDA standards regarding emissions and odour



The automotive interior is becoming increasingly important – the ACES megatrends (autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification and shared mobility) are influencing mobility worldwide. With these technologies, infotainment, advancing automation, innovative material surfaces, feel good factor and comfort are bringing the vehicle interior into focus. In close cooperation with OEMs and tiers, Lohmann is the development partner for individual bonding solutions up to series production. From the initial idea to the final implementation in the process, Lohmann produces customer-specific adhesive tapes and processes them into die-cuts. As a partner to the automotive industry, Lohmann offers many years of experience in specification work and is certified according to IATF 16949.


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