Adhesive  technology for your individual application

We advise and accompany you -  right fom the start

What drives us: we make your world a better place with sustainable and innovative adhesive solutions! Adhesive  technology for your individual application

Our bonding engineers stay by your side as competent partners from the moment the first concept is born. Customised adhesive concepts, an impressive product portfolio, efficient process integration and sustainable optimisation safeguard your success. At Lohmann, we call this philosophy the "smart bonding approach". Just call it the perfect way to a tailor-made adhesive solution.

There may be many paths to the right solution. Our approach is perfectly simple: in order to find the right connection, we first establish a connection with you – and listen very carefully to what you tell us. After all, Lohmann does not consider itself to be just a supplier. We see ourselves as an active partner developing an outstanding product in collaboration with you. Adhesive  technology for your individual application

And this development takes place in 4 process steps:



One of the prerequisites for the perfect adhesive solution is to know exactly how, where and under what conditions it will be used. For example, does it also have to be thermally conductive, tolerance-compensating or removable? This is where the experience and expertise of our application engineers come into play. They show you what's possible and work together with you to decide on the right bonding technology.


Product choice

Armed with detailed knowledge of the specific bonding task, we then turn to finding the right adhesive solution with the desired properties. To achieve this goal we either build on existing products or, when needed, develop a completely new solution.



An adhesive solution is only as good as its ability to be used safely and efficiently in the production process. We support you in this regard with countless tools and also help with the detail engineering. From manual, semi or fully-automatic dispensing aids and proven cutting equipment to pick & place solutions, we are always ready to assist.



Even during the production phase, we remain a constant and reliable partner. Among the services we provide is a full supply chain right through to traceability of the delivery and the processed materials. As you can see, our Smart Bonding Approach leaves nothing to chance.