New ways for flooring – Meeting modern trends with adhesive tapes

During the past 20 years, Lohmann’s market segment Building and Construction has introduced a wide range of tape solutions for the building industry. One of its latest developments is a product portfolio for various flooring applications and a toolbox to choose the right adhesive for new flooring solutions.

With modern design trends and easy handling, the construction industry is faced with many challenges. Looking at flooring the system components of adhesive tape solutions offer many advantages like low emissions, quick and clean bonding, or residue-free removal. Furthermore, objects can be peeled off and repositioned immediately after applying. Another advantage is the high safety in application – no unspecified bulk application appears unlike when using liquid adhesives. This adhesive solution is suitable to change the flooring or apply it directly on top of existing floor coverings. Footfall sound optimization and permanent bonding are both requirements that are met by the flooring system as well.

The “Flooring Toolbox”

To ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and react quickly on market requirements the Lohmann Bonding Engineers lately launched the so-called “Flooring Toolbox”. It contains adhesives and carriers which can be combined easily to achieve best possible results in respect to the application and surfaces.

One focus are high performance adhesive tapes for the installation of LVT and PVC floor coverings. DuploCOLL® 44004 is a PET film with acrylic adhesive on both sides. For DuploCOLL® 44007 this adhesive is combined with the sound dampening properties of a foam.

The result is a sound damping underlay with single sided adhesive for floating installation. Within the first minutes a repositioning is easily possible due to low the bonding strength which increases after a while - thus an easy and reliable mounting process. Thanks to the adhesive characteristics, no additional liquid adhesive is required, meaning the floor covering is immediately ready for foot traffic and loads. It is solvent-free, plasticizer resistant and usable for rooms with low construction height. Solutions for cushion Vinyl/Sports floors (DuploCOLL® 44001) and temporary fixation of floors e.g. for exhibition halls (DuploCOLL® 22490) complete the portfolio for covering installation.

Sports-Floor tapes are suitable for quick and temporary bonding of sports floors. Taking into account special aspects, e.g. repositioning while mounting, strong final adhesion as well as residue-free removability from the floor and flooring. The Sports-Floor Tape DuploCOLL® 44001 combines all of these requirements in one tape. Furthermore, it saves work and cleaning time. The tape consists of a plasticizer-resistant adhesive system with a transparent film carrier that simplifies the removal from the subfloor significantly.

 BC_Sport_Flooring_DC44001_PNG_1600 (RGB).jpg 


  • Temporary fixation of indoor sports-floors


  • Suitable for residue-free, removable bonds
  • Repositionable because of weak initial adhesion
  • Very good final adhesion
  • Stable carrier-system for easy removal of the adhesive tape
  • High tolerance to standard cleaning agents


Self-adhesive PVC skirting boards are hard-wearing, easy to care for and easy, quick and safe to install with adhesive tape from Lohmann. Our non-aging adhesive solutions are solvent-free and low in emissions, and at the same time are suitable for material combinations that contain plasticizers.

  T4621_06_Flooring_Skirtings_gruen_HI_PNG_1920 (RGB).png  


  • Special acrylate adhesive, resistant to plasticizers
  • Can be quickly processed
  • Adhesive tape can neither become brittle nor dry out
  • Excellent final adhesion
  • Solvent-free and low in emissions


  • DuploCOLL® 44016


Last but not least, the toolbox offers possibilities for entrance mats. With the DuploCOLL® 44011 the above mentioned advantages are given plus a durable noise reduction of foot steps onto the aluminum profiles. The offer is rounded off by options to modify existing Lohmann products according to customer requirements. This can be for example a different adhesive grammage or customer branded liners. Toll coating of customer carriers with Lohmann toolbox adhesives is a quick route to new offerings whereby this can be both full-surface and strip coating.

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