Sustainability and Innovation are Key Drivers for Lohmann 

Sustainability and innovation are two of the main strategic pillars at Lohmann, and their crucial combination plays an essential role in our organizational strategy and long-term growth. While sustainability is about creating value by integrating social and environmental considerations alongside economic aspects in our planning and management, innovation is the key to realize these sustainable goals effectively and efficiently. 

This link between sustainability and innovation is vital. Innovation drives our sustainability agenda by offering new ways to tackle environmental and social challenges. It enables us to develop products and solutions that are not only cutting-edge, but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. For example, through innovative techniques, we can minimize waste, reduce energy consumption and develop products that have a smaller environmental footprint. 

In addition, sustainability challenges often act as a catalyst for innovation in our company. They force us to think outside the box and find creative solutions that not only align with our sustainable ethos, but also keep us one step ahead in a competitive market environment. By embracing sustainability and innovation, Lohmann Tapes is better equipped to respond to changing conditions, minimize risks and seize new opportunities arising from resource scarcity or evolving societal expectations. 

In summary, the intersection of sustainability and innovation at Lohmann Tapes is not just about meeting standards or taking responsibility; it is about using our innovative capacity to drive sustainable change, improve our competitiveness, increase our ability to innovate and make a significant social and environmental impact both inside and outside our organization. This synergy is fundamental to our vision of long-term growth and excellence. 

Cornelia Hoß

Head of Innovation & Business Development

​Katharina Candia Avendaño 

Head of Sustainability