DuploFLEX® PLATE MOUNTING TAPES. For a trouble-free process in flexoprinting. And more!

DuploFLEX® 5  for flexible packaging printing.

The DuploFLEX® 5 meets the increased requirements in packaging printing: With a wide selection of adhesive tapes with different foam qualities, adhesive formulations and foam hardnesses, for exceptional results even at long and quick print runs.




The Splicing Tape: DuploFLEX® FS 55


We make your printing process fly: With our splicing adhesive tape DuploFLEX® FS 55, every reel change is a flying success. With high adhesion to non-polar substrates, DuploFLEX® FS 55 is the answer for all common substrates and film materials. It can be torn by hand and has a split backing that can be quickly separated.

 InfoSheet_Application_Flying Splice_en.pdf 

 InfoSheet_Product_Flying Splice_en.pdf 


DuploFLEX® 3 and 4 for label printing.

A frequent change of images, a large number of different types of content and information on the label, as well as complex designs - the label printing industry faces all these challenges. For printing labels, the Lohmann DuploFLEX® 3 and 4 ranges offer a wide selection of plate mounting tapes for the highest quality.



DuploFLEX® CB for high quality post print.

The only way to move forward in high quality post print is to permanently optimize processes and quality. After all, packaging does so much more than just basically protecting. Whether you're looking for an eye-catching feature or a hands-on experience at the point of sale, DuploFLEX® CB is the right product to help you achieve your goals.




First simulate, then integrate. Our innovative FlexoLAB shows the major steps on a realistic scale and our mission: Testing, analyzing and optimizing to achieve the best print results for you.

Our aim is to map your process from A to Z, then simulate it in the FlexoLAB, so you can achieve the highest possible quality with the help of our customized solutions. The Lohmann FlexoLAB consists of a mounting machine and a print simulator.

Want to know more? We analyze your process at our innovative FlexoLAB.

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DuploFLEX® Toolbox:

Do you want your entire mounting process to be as efficient as possible? Our DuploFLEX® Toolbox offers everything you need. With practical tools for optimum mounting of print jobs.

Our DuploFLEX® Toolbox contains:

  • Roller/Squeegee: For bubble free mounting.
  • DuploFLEX® 3115
 Corona pen.jpg  To ensure that your print job is successful, we also supply the appropriate innovative solutions for mounting and demounting. Contact us to learn more about our DuploFLEX® Corona Pen, the tool for perfect surface preparation in flexo printing.


 2018_04_06_0265_Sample folder.jpg 

Our print sample folder for the DuploFLEX® 5 range

Your FLEXperts will assist you in word and deed when selecting the suitable plate mounting tape. So that you can also form your own opinion, we have provided a summary of the results of the print sample folder for our established DuploFLEX® 5 range for downloading here.

Real prints on paper and film, areas and details, color gradients or metallic tones – using identical motifs, you can quickly gain an impression of how choosing the right foam hardness can influence your printing results.

 Print Sample Folder film.pdf 

 Print Sample Folder paper.pdf 



Our technical know-how - your benefit.

We, the Lohmann Bonding Engineers, are FLEXperts for the entire flexo printing process. Togehter we analyze your requirements, give the right recommendations and find the best solution for you. At any time, worldwide.

One of the essentials for an efficient printing process is to know exactly how, where and under what conditions which plate mounting tape shall be used. This is where the experience and know-how of the Lohmann FLEXperts comes into play: We analyze your requirements in detail and find the right solutions with the right parameters.

We support you anytime and worldwide regarding all questions you may have concerning your process.

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