Skin-friendly bonding solutions for the medical industry 

In the adhesives industry, there is probably no field more demanding than bonding to skin. As a living organ, the skin is exposed to constant changes and shifting external influences. It has low surface energy, rough texture and produces sweat. With the help of our "Smart Bonding Approach", we tailor our solution exactly to your individual applications and requirements.

Our biocompatible high-performance products are tailored to the needs of sensitive and stressed skin (elderly, children or athletes) and offer high breathability, water resistance and can be removed without residue or pain.

Learn more about our adhesive solutions for medical wearables, woundcare, ostomy and consumer healthcare.

At Lohmann, we believe in co-creation and support medical device manufacturers worldwide realize innovative products. Recently, we helped SteadySense, an innovative sensor patch producer, to create a non-invasive product for continuous monitoring of body temperature. The health patch adds significant value to thermal monitoring applications, from patient monitoring to female ovulation.

We are proud that we have been able to offer a wide range of services from our value chain, from product development, material selection and die-cutting to automated packaging solutions.


Bonding wearables

Lohmann's adhesive solutions for medical wearables applications offer high adhesive strength for strong connections - from the very first moment. Thanks to their low peel strength, they can be repositioned and removed easily. Slippage during injections is prevented thanks to good shear strength.

Health Patch

When using health patches over a longer period of time, e.g. for measuring cardiac telemetry, precise positioning of the device is necessary. For this application, Lohmann offers medical adhesive tapes that allow painless and residue-free removal and repositioning on the skin to ensure optimal measurement results.

Mobile heart telemetry with adhesive solutions from Lohmann.png

Your advantages:

  • High adhesive strength of the tape on the skin ensures strong attachment of the wearable from the first moment
  • Increased patient comfort due to flexible material
  • The double-sided adhesive tape with its thin PET carrier acts as a protective film between the skin and the printed electronics
  • Advanced functional integration and manufacturing technlogies

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

CGM devices require a reliable and durable stick-to-skin patch to provide reliable results over a long wear time. Lohmann offers a solution for this requirement: a skin adhesive with a wear time of 21 days, improving the overall wearing comfort and the customer experience.

Your benefits:

  • The high adhesive strength of the tape on the skin ensures a strong attachment of the wearable from the first moment onwards
  • Strong adhesive strength ensures wearability for more than 21 days
  • Highly flexible backing material allows the patch to adapt to the movements of the skin and thus reduce skin irritation during the wear time
  • Good breathability of the adhesive tapes used allows moisture to escape optimally

Wearables for blood glucose measurement on the upper arm.png

Insulin Patch Pumps

A key requirement for bonding of insulin patch pumps is zero movement of the bond during injection. By combining flexibility and reliable skin adhesives, Lohmann fullfills this industry need. Our breathable adhesive tape solutions ensure the maximum comfort for the patient, with a wear time of up to 72 hours.

Wearables _ Insulin pump bonded to abdomen.png

Your advantages:

  • Increased patient comfort due to flexible material
  • Double-sided adhesive tapes provide a strong bond between the device and the adhesive tape on the skin side
  • High breathability of the skin-side adhesive tape allows moisture to escape optimally during use and the skin to breathe
  • Good shear strength of the adhesive tape prevents slipping of the wearable during injection

Large Volume Injector

Our single-use patch solutions for large volume injectors are equipped with repositionable tapes, ensuring a comfortable use for the self-injection of liquid drugs (e.g. for cancer treatment) at home. Depending on your application, our product offers wear durations from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Your advantages:

  • High adhesive strength of the tape to the skin ensures strong attachment from the first moment of use
  • Low peel strength for easy removal after use
  • Repositionable adhesive tape for optimal adhesion
  • Good shear strength of the tape prevents slippage of the wearable during injection

Wearables_ Large Volume Injector on abdomen.png

Continuous Temperature Measurement

Devices which continuously monitor body parameters, such as temperature, especially require a reliable bond. While ensuring the close contact of the sensors to skin, our skin-friendly bonding solution have also an integrated barrier film to the printed electronics for skin protection.

Wearables application for monitoring body temperature and fertility.png

Your advantages:

  • DuploMED® 8411: Adhesive on the skin side, including a thin PET backing, acts as a barrier film to protect the skin from the printed electronics
  • DuploMED® ELE 77300 / DuploMED® 22260: Barrier to protect electronics from external influences such as temperature and water

From high-tech adhesive tapes to process integration - the entire value chain from a single source

Lohmann develops, produces, coats and die-cuts adhesive solutions that have been used for clinical and precise diagnostic products for more than 20 years. Regardless of whether a customer-specific design or standard products, we deliver innovative products that are precise, stable, biocompatible and ideal for short- or long-term use.
Providing in-house state-of-the-art capabilities, which include adhesive formulation, polymerization, coating as well as clean-room conversion and die-cutting, we are well-placed to support the needs of the market, both today and into the future.

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With a quality management system that operates in accordance with EN ISO 13485, Lohmann is your first choice partner for the design, development and commercialization of products for the Medical market.

Read more about the value chain at Lohmann.


Short wear time (1 - 3 days)

DUPLOMED 22260_en.pdf DUPLOMED 8411_en.pdf   DUPLOMED ELE 77300_en.pdf
DUPLOMED 22260_en.pdf  DUPLOMED 8411_en.pdf  DUPLOMED ELE 77300_en.pdf


Medium wear time (3- 7 days)

DUPLOMED 45150_en.pdf   45300.jpg    DUPLOMED SUR 62410_en.pdf
DUPLOMED 45150_en.pdf  DUPLOMED 45300_en.pdf  DUPLOMED SUR 62410_en.pdf


Long wear time ( 14 days+)

DUPLOMED 22507_en.pdf DUPLOMED 22791_en.pdf    8171.jpg  
DUPLOMED 22507_en.pdf DUPLOMED 22791_en.pdf  DUPLOMED 8171_en.pdf


Long wear time (28+ days)

   DUPLOMED 85300_en.pdf     
DUPLOMED 85300_en.pdf     

Adhesive solutions for ostomy

For ostomy applications, Lohmann adhesive solutions offer reliable odor and fluid management as well as optimal hold in addition to a high level of wearing comfort. Our products are individually manufactured to your design requirements and ready for immediate use.

Adhesive tapes for Woundcare applications 

For optimal wound care, Lohmann adhesive tapes deliver a high level of comfort that enables permanent application and gentle removal. At the same time, they are biocompatible, sterile and breathable and can be used immediately. 

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