High-tech adhesive tapes for EV batteries and energy storage systems

Customized solutions for smart bonding in lithium-ion batteries

Lohmann offers multifunctional adhesive tape solutions and high-precision die-cuts for thermal and electrical management of Li-Ion batteries.

Safety, reliability and efficiency over the whole lifetime of the lithium-ion battery and hence the bonded joints are paramount. Lohmann adhesive tape solutions offer a more flexible and weight-saving alternative to mechanical fastening methods, featuring an easy and clean assembly compared to liquid bonding. Using multifunctional tape solutions in the battery manufacturing process combines multiple benefits: They offer immediate and strong adhesion and thus fast handling and add functionality in just one product.

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Electrically conductive EMI Shielding Grounding Thermally conductive


For example, in an EV battery our tapes do not only efficiently connect the cells to the cooling system, but also prevent sensitive components from short circuits by realizing excellent grounding or, as part of a laminate, help protect against fire. Furthermore, Lohmann‘s range of single- and double-sided adhesives tapes takes over functions like thermal runaway protection, sealing, cushioning, electrical and thermal insulation, electrical conductivity or EMI shielding. The multifunctional tape portfolio meets automotive requirements, has low-outgassing and is free of solvents, silicones and halogens.

Li-Ion battery applications

Electrical Management: High voltage insulation

For the electrical insulation of sensitive battery components and effective protection against dielectric breakdown, Lohmann offers various single- or double-sided PET films. They can be applied to metal parts of the battery, e.g., on side panels, cell housing or battery case components. Due to their flexible adaptation to various shapes, they can optimally be used for cell wrapping. For better camera recognition in fully automated production processes, different colors of PET are available to support safe and reliable mounting.

Your benefits

  • Optimal electrical and thermal insulation
  • Tapes are tested for dielectrical strength
  • Long-term heat resistance
  • Single- or double-sided adhesive tapes, equipped with a PET carrier
  • PET carrier available in various colors for reliable detection by vision systems


  • PET films in different thicknesses and colors combined with adhesive on one or on both sides
 A PET film from Lohmann is used for the electrical insulation of battery cells.png 

Thermal management: Cooling/Heating

Lohmann’s pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes allow an efficient and reliable connection to the cooling or heating element and provide a thermal conductivity of up to 2 W/mK. Tapes from our TC-portfolio support the heat management inside the EV battery and help keeping the lithium-ion cells in their comfort zone between 20 and 35 °C in order to enable the longest possible lifetime of the cells. The double-sided tapes are free of solvents, halogens and silicones and provide effective protection of electrical components as no silicone oil can migrate.

 Lohmann adhesive tape connects the battery cell to the cooling or heating element and provides thermal conductivity of 2 WmK.png 

Your benefits

  • Thermal conductivity up to 2 W/mK tested according to
    ASTM D 5470
  • Good adhesion and excellent surface wetting for good heat transfer
  • Homogeneous heat transfer
  • Flame-retardant tapes fulfill requirements according to UL 94 V-0
  • Protection against corrosion and abrasive dust
  • Free of solvents, silicones and halogens
  • Different colors available for better detection by vision systems
  • Tapes available on rolls or as customized high-precision die-cuts
  • Easy assembly thanks to reliable and seamless integration into highly automated production processes


  • DuploCOLL® TC Range (Thickness range: 140 μm – 2 mm)

Thermal Management: Flame barrier material

If a cell is overheating the flame barrier material prevents thermal propagation to neighboring cells and therefore helps to keep vehicle passengers safe. Lohmann offers various flame-retardant tape laminations with low thermal conductivity to be used as a flame barrier between cells. At the same time the laminated materials are compressible to compensate the breathing behavior of the cell during charging and discharging and the swelling over the cell lifetime. Lohmann offers customized solutions by combining various materials to match the requirements of different cell chemistries and battery designs.

Your benefits

  • Very low thermal conductivity
  • Compressible for optimum compensation of cell expansion
  • Flame-retardant tapes fulfill requirements according to UL 94
  • Heat resistant up to several hundred degrees


  • Customized solutions according to individual customer needs
A Lohmann adhesive tape prevents the spread of heat from a burning battery cell to the neighbouring cells.png

Damp & Seal: Spacer 

The use of foams between individual pouch or prismatic cells as spacer and electrical insulation support the performance of the EV battery. The “breathing” movement of the cell during charging and discharging will be compensated by the foam and generates the ideal backpressure. Foams are also used as spacers between battery packs and support noise reduction management.

A Lohmann foam tape is used as a spacer between battery cells.png

Your benefits

  • Reliable backpressure for optimal performance of the cells
  • Compensation of expansion of cell during use
  • Absorption of vibration and shock and thus effective noise-reduction
  • Effective cell cushioning due to full-surface bonding of the foam tape
  • Compensation of different component tolerances
  • Long-term heat resistance
  • Electrical insulation properties for protection against dielectric breakdown or flashovers


  • Different foam chemistries in a wide thickness range according to individual requirements

 Building an EV battery with adhesive tapes from Lohmann.png 

High-tech adhesive tapes for a wide range of applications in EV batteries

Our multifunctional adhesive tapes can be used for numerous other applications in Li-ion battery assembly, for example:

  • Busbar protection
  • EMI shielding & grounding
  • Gaskets
  • Flame-retardant insulations
  • Membranes

Application Guide Batter EN Zusammenstellung.jpg

To learn more about the different applications, please download our Battery Guide:  Application Guide Battery_en.pdf 

Multifunctional Tapes

Developments in the electronics sector are driven mainly by digitalization, miniaturization and increased power density. EV batteries become more compact to save weight and combine more cells with a higher energy density to provide higher performance. This leads potentially to more heat generated in the module or pack and more sophisticated battery surveillance and management. Additionally, batteries and further high-voltage components in electric and hybrid vehicles need a reliable electrical engineering including effective protection against electromagnetic waves to prevent interferences as well as smart grounding solutions to avoid short circuits.

These technical challenges continually require new bonding solutions that offer more than just joining components. Our products offer smooth thermal or electrical management or serve other functions, such as sealing, damping, vibration and shock absorption, protection or cushioning. Lohmann‘s multifunctional adhesive tapes are optimized to be customized as die-cut solutions to fit perfectly into your highly automated manufacturing process.




Our portfolio of multifunctional adhesive tapes combines various solutions for electrical and thermal management in Li-Ion batteries. For example:

  • The DuploCOLL® TC range: thermally conductive acrylic transfer tapes that meet UL 94 flame retardant requirements
  • The DuploCOLL® EC range: transfer tapes or metallised fabric or foam backing with acrylic adhesive on one or both sides that is electrically conductive - isotropically conductive in the X, Y and Z axes with excellent EMI shielding properties
  • The DuploCOLL® IS range: electrically insulating film tapes for applications where high heat resistance combined with electrical insulation is required

Please click here to learn more about our Multifunctional Tape Portfolio.

From high-tech tapes to process integration

From the initial idea to the implementation into the final process – from prototyping to series production – Lohmann produces customer-specific adhesive tapes and converts them into die-cuts. Directly from one source, independently from intercontinental supply chains, in various high-precision manufacturing processes (e.g., laser plotter, rotary die-cutting, etc.) and in low μm-tolerances.


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The whole product portfolio of single- and double-sided adhesive tape solutions is available on rolls, spools, as die-cuts or sheets. Lohmann provides customized laminates in a wide variety of materials that combine the individually required properties.In our extensive high-tech portfolio we offer, for example:

  • Insulating PET films in various colours and thicknesses, combined with adhesive on one or both sides of the tape.
  • PE, PU, EPDM foams or Acrylic Foam in various thicknesses can be combined with adhesive tapes 
  • Intumescent and thermally conductive materials with self-adhesive finishes
  • Electrically conductive fabrics or foams in combination with electrically conductive adhesives 

To support you in the project phase, Lohmann offers a wide range of tests used in the automotive industry and by OEMs, which are carried out in-house in modern high-tech laboratories as well as in cooperation with external institutes. Beside traditional static and dynamic test methods for peel, tack and shear strength, our adhesive specialists conduct various environmental testings for temperature, UV, humidity or chemical resistance. Furthermore, Lohmann has in-house test equipment for analyzing the conductivity, resistance and impedance of thermal interface materials (TIM) according to ASTM D5470. Apart from process aids such as mounting films or handling aids and simple applicators, Lohmann adhesive technology experts provide additional support for complex manufacturing concepts. To make your fully automated processes even more efficient, our solutions can be integrated reliably and seamlessly, thus enabling high quantity and cost-conscious manufacturing.

This is Lohmann’s “Smart Bonding Approach”

Thermal management in EV batteries is made easy with Lohmann’s new thermally conductive adhesive tape range with a thermal conductivity of up to 2W/mK.



Lohmann's thermally conductive adhesive tapes optimise thermal management in EV batteries. The new DuploCOLL TC (Thermally Conductive) range offers a thermal conductivity of up to 2 W/mK, tested according to ASTM D 5470.

Read more about the new product range in the press release


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