Our road towards sustainability 

As we navigate the challenging economic landscape in the EU and Germany, our company remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, recognizing its critical role in our long-term strategic vision. Our goal is to further foster sustainable adhesive solutions and innovations, achieving sustainable and profitable growth while maintaining an exceptional work environment for our employees. However, we acknowledge the necessity of increased political, institutional, and industry support, as well as the active involvement of all our stakeholders, to advance the adhesive industry in these demanding times. 

Commitment to global sustainability goals 

Our sustainability strategy is anchored in our unwavering commitment to achieving "Climate Neutrality by 2050", with many of our areas aiming for this target as early as 2035. This ambitious goal aligns with the Paris Agreement of the United Nations, to which we are dedicated. We plan to contribute directly by investing in measures like the following: 

  • Utilizing renewable energy sources, 
  • Sourcing ethically unobjectionable raw materials, 
  • Implementing circular economy principles, 
  • Optimizing recycling concepts and 
  • Emphasizing waste reduction. 
  • Investments and strategic actions 

Our journey towards these objectives will be bolstered by targeted investments towards the sustainability of our value chain, enabling us to actively shape our shared future. Recognizing the current economic challenges, we believe that such investments are more crucial than ever to drive sustainable growth and innovation in our sector. 

Global sustainability department and management integration 

A significant step in our strategy is the establishment of a global sustainability team, led by a Head of Sustainability who is a part of the Lohmann management team, reporting directly to the board. This structure ensures sustainability is at the forefront of our strategic decision-making process. 

Sustainable workstreams and interdisciplinary groups 

To thoroughly evaluate and enhance our sustainability practices, we have initiated a range of sustainable workstreams and established interdisciplinary groups. These dedicated teams are tasked with a comprehensive assessment of our current sustainability footprint across all operations. Their role extends beyond evaluation, as they actively identify areas for improvement and innovation in our sustainability practices. 

Engaging in R&D and collaborative projects 

In addition to these internal efforts, we are actively involved in various research and development (R&D) projects specifically focused on sustainability. These projects are part of our commitment to sustainable advancements in our industry. We have also forged partnerships with academic chairs. These collaborations not only enhance our own knowledge and capabilities but also contribute to the broader scientific and industrial community's understanding of sustainability in our field. 

Developing sustainable roadmaps 

Armed with insights from our internal teams and external collaborations, we are focused on creating a series of sustainable roadmaps. These roadmaps are comprehensive plans that outline specific goals and measures, carefully designed to significantly enhance our ecological and environmental impact. They are not static documents but evolving guides that adapt to new discoveries and technologies in sustainability. Serving as blueprints, these roadmaps chart our course towards a more sustainable and responsible future, ensuring that we not only meet but also exceed our sustainability commitments.