Solvent-free and biobased high-tech adhesive tapes


The new ECO range

At Lohmann, we combine adhesive technology with sustainability – without compromises. Along our entire value chain, we take on the challenge and minimize our own ecological footprint. At the same time, we support our customers in making their individual production process even more sustainable.

Sustainability at Lohmann.

Our DuploCOLL® ECO adhesive tape portfolio contains newly developed, biobased adhesives, is solvent-free and offers the outstanding performance you are used to from Lohmann: good initial adhesion, excellent cold-bonding properties and good adhesion to high- and low-energy surfaces.

Your advantages:

  • High initial tack
  • Good cold-bonding properties
  • Good adhesion thanks to high wettability
  • Optimizing your circular economy with recyclable liner
  • Outstanding aging resistance
  • Reliable and consistent performance on high- and low-energy surfaces
  • 50 % biobased adhesive content


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Biobased adhesive tape: DuploCOLL® ECO portfolio at a glance

All products in the new ECO portfolio are available both as transfer adhesive tape and as double-sided scrim adhesive tape or with special paper carriers. They are equipped with recyclable liner systems that can be returned to the regular circular economy.

They are manufactured using our 100% solvent-free TwinMelt® technology, a coating process that enables adhesive tape production with comparatively low energy consumption and reduced CO² footprint.

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The tapes in the ECO range are available with three different backing materials and contain a 50% bio-based adhesive.

    Tapestructure_ECO_Tape_Transfer-tape.png     Tapestructure_ECO_Tape_Scrim-carrier.png     Tapestructure_ECO_Tape_paper-carrier.png
Transfer Tape Scrim carrier Paper carrier


DuploCOLL® ECO tapes are suitable for applications in foam and felt materials, in laminating products or for the production of special labels. All products are available as jumbo or log rolls.
Product name DuploCOLL® 59760 ECO DuploCOLL® 59721 ECO DuploCOLL® 59722 ECO
Construction Transfer Scrim carrier Tissue paper carrier
Liner White recyclable siliconized special paper
Adhesive 50 % biobased adhesive
Thickness without Liner 60 µm 120 µm 130 µm
Performance 180° peel test Steel 20 N / 25 mm 15 N / 25 mm 30 N / 25 mm
PE 20 N / 25 mm 15 N / 25 mm 25 N / 25 mm
PP 20 N / 25 mm 15 N / 25 mm 25 N / 25 mm
Loop tack Steel 45 N / 12,5 cm² 45 N / 12,5 cm² 45 N / 12,5 cm²

Tested on Lohmann substrates. The products offer reliable and consistent performance e.g. on recycled substrates, cardboard or corn starch based materials. Feel free to contact us for peel and strength values on other substrates.

Proven product performance


The products in the DuploCOLL® ECO range have reliable initial and final tack on a variety of substrates, over an exceptionally wide temperature range down to below freezing.


 ECO peel test low temperature.png 






The ECO portfolio offers good cold bonding properties down to -10 °C. At the same time, a high initial tack, compared to conventional pressure-sensitive tapes, ensures very good processing reliability.



The adhesive tapes of the ECO range have a constant adhesion to different high- and low-energy materials. Without additional pretreatment such as primer or corona treatment, users are thus given a great deal of freedom when selecting substrates to be bonded.

 ECO peel test.PNG 

Data sheets


Scrim carrier Paper carrier Transfer-Tape

 DUPLOCOLL 59721 ECO_DE.pdf 

  DUPLOCOLL 59721 ECO_EN.pdf 

 DUPLOCOLL 59722 ECO_DE.pdf 

   DUPLOCOLL 59722 ECO_EN.pdf 

 DUPLOCOLL 59760 ECO_DE.pdf 

  DUPLOCOLL 59760 ECO_EN.pdf 


Additional information

Here you can download our flyer about the new DuploCOLL ECO range: