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"We are deeply convinced that holistic sustainable action is the best foundation for steadily improving the quality of life for present and future generations."


Dr. Jörg Pohlman (CEO)  and Dr. Carsten Herzhoff (COO)



Pushing Our Investments in Milestone Projects, Innovation Capability, and Competence Building – Major Steps despite the Crisis

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Katharina Candia Avendaño

Global Head of Sustainability at Lohmann 

Embracing Sustainable Responsibility Amid Global Challenges

In an environment of global challenges characterized by crises, transformation, and dynamism, our company, Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG is committed to its social responsibility. We recognize that sustainable management is much more than a necessity – it is the strategic key to positive ecological, social, and economic impacts. This understanding strengthens our business model and equips it to face the challenges of our times.


The Adhesive Industry at a Crossroads

Lohmann, traditionally positioned within the adhesive industry, stands at a crucial turning point. The industry faces crises that require pivotal decisions for its future viability and sustainable development. In this context, Lohmann has made significant investments in more sustainable innovations, including expanding solvent-free production capacities and introducing the first products in this area. Moreover, the company has established structures that foster innovation and enable proactive responses to contemporary challenges.


Advancing towards a Sustainable Vision

Contributions to the circular economy, the further development of internal expertise in sustainable management, eco-research and development and decarbonization, the launch of our first eco-product range and many more of our projects illustrate Lohmann's efforts toward a sustainable vision. The continuous development of a culture of sustainable management, supported by concrete sustainability goals, measures and workstreams, confirms our belief that this path is the right one.

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Lohmann publishes Sustainability Report 2023 


Download our latest sustainability report here and find out more about our numerous sustainable investments and innovations with which we are responding to the environmental and social challenges of our time:


Lohmann Beyond Sustainability Report 2023.pdf 


Several awards for Lohmann’s innovative ability and sustainable commitment 

Lohmann can look back on numerous prestigious awards in the field of sustainable innovation in the past couple of years. Not only forward-looking technologies and products were recognized, but also the company's innovative process landscape. The awards make visible to the outside world what Lohmann is striving for in its BEYOND strategy: success in the areas of innovation, sustainability and excellence. More information on the numerous awards can be found here and in Lohmanns first Sustainability Report. 

Sustainable Impact Award 2023 for the Lohmann Group

Our company is also delighted to have received the Sustainable Impact Award. For the third time, WirtschaftsWoche has honored medium-sized companies for their sustainable and responsible actions towards people and the environment. Lohmann was awarded third place in the category "Impact of social commitment", a special acknowledgement of our special activities, which range from donations, memberships and sponsoring to the voluntary commitment of our employees.


Dr. Carsten Herzhoff (COO Lohmann), emphasizes his enthusiasm for the company's sustainable initiatives: "We firmly believe that holistically sustainable action is the best basis for continuously improving the quality of life of present and future generations. Since our foundation over 170 years ago, our progress and innovative ideas have been driven by a strong awareness of our social responsibility."

Lohmann among the Top 100 Innovators 2023 in Germany

Every year for over 40 years, WirtschaftsWoche has selected the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany based on their products, research and development and services. In 2023, Lohmann prevailed against 4,000 competitors and secured 16th place in the prestigious ranking.

Top 100 Lohmann_Yogeshwar
The ranking among "Germany's most innovative medium-sized companies 2023" is confirmation of the adhesive specialists' ongoing commitment to developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the challenges of our time. The latest developments from the long-established company focus on renewable raw materials: 50% of the adhesive in the DuploCOLL ECO adhesive tape range is already biobased, with a recyclabe liner.
"Being placed in the WirtschaftsWoche ranking is a great honor for us," says a delighted Dr. Carsten Herzhoff, COO of Lohmann. "It is the result of hard work and the commitment of our entire team. As a company dedicated to innovation and sustainability, we strive to inspire and drive our customers forward with outstanding products and solutions. This recognition shows us that we are on the right track."

Ranga Yogeshwar congratulated Lohmann on receiving the TOP 100 seal at the German SME Summit: In the scientific selection process, Lohmann was particularly impressive in size category C (more than 200 employees) in the "Innovative processes and organization" category.
In addition to innovative, multifunctional adhesive solutions - such as thermally conductive tapes for the automotive sector, electrically conductive solutions for cell phone displays or keyboards and medical patches for measuring bodily functions - Lohmann takes advantage by applying agile methods such as the Blue Ocean strategy, which the innovation managers use to search for creative ideas or undiscovered markets. "Our recipe for success is close communication and the conviction that innovation is a dynamic process," says CEO Dr. Jörg Pohlman.

Lohmann once again receives the EcoVadis silver medal, placing it among the top 15% of the world's most sustainable companies in the ranking

Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG, a leading company in the adhesive tape industry, is proud to announce that it has yet again been awarded the silver medal from EcoVadis. This award recognizes Lohmann's sustainable business strategy and places the company in the top 15 % of the world's most sustainable companies rated by EcoVadis.

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"At a time when the requirements and assessment criteria by EcoVadis have become more stringent, this award confirms our commitment to sustainability and our continuous efforts to promote responsible business practices," explains Katharina Candia Avendaño, Head of Sustainability at Lohmann. The fact that EcoVadis only recognizes the top 15 % of rated companies with the silver medal further highlights the importance of this recognition and underlines Lohmann's leading role in the industry in implementing sustainable and ethical business practices. 

Double Victory at the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Awards for Low-CO2 and Energy-Efficient Adhesive Tape Production

This year, our company also won the prestigious Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award twice: in the category 'Special Award of the Minister of Economic Affairs 2023: CO₂ reduction through innovative processes and products' and 'Special Industry Award'. The family-owned company was recognized by the expert jury for two innovations: TwinMelt, an adhesive tape manufacturing system with low CO₂ consumption, and UV-LUX, the world's first UV light-curing adhesive tape.

Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award 2023 category CO2 reduction for TwinMelt technology.jpg

The TwinMelt technology enables up to 66% lower energy consumption per square meter of adhesive tape, doubles the production speed and works without solvents. It is 100% powered by green electricity and forms the basis for the adhesive specialists' latest developments in the field of biobased adhesive tapes. The product-specific CO₂ footprint is significantly reduced. UV-LUX also optimizes fully automated processing: through rapid activation of the reactive adhesives used, faster curing and reduced energy consumption.

Our Milestones in Product and Site Sustainability

In recent years, the employees at Lohmann have set significant milestones in regards to our product and site sustaniability. We have made considerable investments in sustainable innovations, such as developing award-winning solvent-free production capacities, introducing the bio-based and solvent-free adhesive tapes and collaborating with partners for fostering the sustainability of our production site and enabling circularity of our product waste.

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Solvent-free bonds: TwinMelt®

  • TwinMelt® innovation since 2021: improving high-tech adhesive tapes by combining different materials and properties, promoting innovative product combinations and quality through the use of different adhesives and materials as well as energy-efficient process management.
  • Sustainability and CO₂ reduction: TwinMelt® is 100% solvent-free, reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 3,500 tonnes annually and supports environmentally friendly production

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Our first ECO range: solvent-free and biobased

  • Biobased adhesives: The DuploCOLL® ECO tapes contain a 50% biobased adhesive, ensuring a more environmentally friendly solution compared to traditional tapes.
  • Solvent-free production: Manufactured using Lohmann’s TwinMelt® technology.
  • Recyclable liners: The tapes feature recyclable liner systems, contributing to the circular economy and enhancing waste management.


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Circularity through LinerLoop

  • Enhanced recyclability: The LinerLoop™ system enables the collection and repulping of white, siliconized paper liners by selected recycling companies, turning a waste product into a valuable resource.
  • Reduced material consumption: This initiative significantly decreases material usage by reintroducing liners into the recycling loop.
  • Cost savings: Elimination of waste disposal costs translates to direct savings for the company and its customers.

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Site sustainability: "Going Green" project

  • Innovative collaboration: Joint project with the WZL Institute at RWTH Aachen University.
  • Sustainable further development of our HQ: Drawing of path to climate neutrality of our operations and research into sustainable raw materials and substitution of existing products with more environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Promoting operational excellence: Optimizing production processes and increasing the operational efficiency of our headquarters.

What we are working on

Sustainable Development Goals: Our Commitment to a Better Future

At Lohmann, we recognize that business has a profound responsibility to help build a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable future for all. In 2015, the United Nations established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to define global priorities and ambitions for improving lives, protecting our planet, and ensuring prosperity. These urgent and interconnected goals address issues such as poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, environmental degradation, inequality, and justice.

We fully support the SDGs and are dedicated to advancing them through our business practices and partnerships. We believe that when businesses operate with accountability and intention to positively impact society and the environment, we can be a force for transformative change.











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