Adhesive tapes for the electronics industry

High-tech adhesive tapes for the most demanding applications

Developments in the sector of electronics are driven mainly by digitalization and miniaturization. No matter if in the car, at home or in medical engineering: Electronic components become physically smaller, more flexible and provide more functionalities at an increased speed. This leads potentially to more generated heat and a higher risk of interfering signals. These technical challenges continually require new bonding solutions that offer more than just joining components. They are responsible for smooth thermal or electrical management or serve other functions, such as sealing, damping, electromagnetic shielding or light-blocking.

Lohmann‘s multifunctional adhesive tapes are the optimal solution for the requirements of e-mobility, home connectivity or printed electronics. All products are optimized to be customized as die-cut solutions to fit perfectly into your manufacturing process.

Fields of application

Thermal management

The development of the electronics market in regard to increased power density and miniaturization has a significant impact on the demand for thermal management solutions. The new generation of electronics devices become smaller and more compact and at the same time need to provide higher performance. These trends lead to a higher heat generation in the components, and if this heat is not properly managed, it can lead to device failure or reduced performance. Our acrylic thermally conductive adhesive tapes are being used to bond heat-generating components to heat sinks, providing efficient heat dissipation and improving the overall lifetime of electronic devices.

The tapes offer a high thermal conductivity of up to 2 W/mK, meet flame retardant requirements according to UL94 and are free of halogens, silicones and solvents.

Our tapes are used for different applications, for example:

  • Bonding of heating / cooling elemts in EV batteries
  • Bonding of Backlight LED in displays
  • Bonding of cooling elements / heat sink on PCBs
  • Bonding of radar or lidar sensors 
  • Flame-retardant insulation in EV batteries
  • Flame-barrier material in EV batteries to prevent thermal propagation to neighboring cells

Thermally conductive.png

Electrical management

With the development of high-frequency applications such as 5G and IoT, there is an increased demand for electrically conductive adhesive tapes that can provide effective EMI/RFI shielding and grounding. These tapes with high shielding effectiveness and low surface resistance are required to maintain signal integrity and prevent interference. Lohmann offers you a portfolio of different electrically conductive adhesive tapes constructed of metallized fabric or metallized foam with an electrically conductive acrylic adhesive. This construction provides excellent shielding performance in the range of 450 mHz to 3.8 GHz (5G) to support the safe use of electronic components operating in closed proximity to each other. The electrically conductive foam is a clever tool for grounding and compensation of tolerances at the same time.

Our tapes are used for different applications, for example:

  • EMI shielding in displays, radar or lidar sensors or li-ion batteries
  • High-voltage insulation in EV batteries
  • Busbar protection
  • Grounding without using springs or wires

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