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Lohmann Poland plants 5.000 trees at "Green Event"

In 2017, a small town in the north of Poland called Lipusz LOPL3.pngsuffered from a terrible thunderstorm. As a result, 2.3 million m3 of trees were destroyed.
October 2021

After every storm comes a rainbow: a chance has appeared to recreate the devasted area. Thanks to the "Green Event" organized by the Torus company, which gathered 16 local companies, 90.000 new trees have been planted! The seedlings were provided by "State Forests". Almost 100 foresters prepared the area accordingly and trained the volunteers how to plant the trees.

Lohmann Poland is just getting started!

"For the first time, Lohmann Poland participated in the Green Event, and we already managed to plant 5.000 trees! We are so happy to have achieved this result and we are already looking forward to the next event", says Malgorzata Pietryk, Office Manager LOPL. "We are always happy to help our community!"

 2021_LOPL_Bäume (1).jpg   2021_LOPL_Bäume (1).png   2021_LOPL_Bäume (2).jpg 




Torus Green Event is:

  • Taking care of the region's lungs. We know exactly how important the clean air is. In this modern world full of smog and pollution, trees are the best remedy. We can already feel the fresh breeze of environmental changes.
  • Friendly atmosphere. Job position, social status or age don't matter. Everyone worked together. Even the smallest eco-friends helped with planting. What a great opportunity to build awareness among the little humans about the importance of taking care for the local community and environment.
  • Fun & time spent outdoors. During the Green Event there was also time for relaxation and good food. Children enjoyed additional attractions such as educational games.
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