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170 years of Lohmann: Lohmann Italy celebrates “National Day of Trees”

On November 21, our colleagues from Lohmann Italy attended a tree planting ceremony at the primary school Constantino Dalla Toffola in Ponzano Veneto.
Celebrating the “National Day of Trees” and Lohmann’s 170 years anniversary, the Bonding Engineers donated the first of 35 trees in total. The number of trees is representing the number of years since the Italian Lohmann site has been opened. “We are very proud to set a visible signal for more sustainability, nature conservation and environmental awareness in our city”, says Paolo Festa, Managing Director of Lohmann Italy.

He planted the holm oak together with the Mayor of Ponzano, Antonello Baseggio, in the school garden – and was later supported by pupils and their parents as well as other Lohmann employees. The other trees will be planted in public parks. A plate at the school fence has been installed in memory of the event.

A squad of boy scouts organized games and entertainment surrounding the tree planting campaign and provided a lot of fun, especially for the younger visitors.

 2021_LOIT_170_Baeume (1).JPG   2021_LOIT_170_Baeume (2).JPG 
Paolo Festa, Managing Director of Lohmann Italy, planting the tree with the Mayor of Ponzano, Antonello Baseggio.
 2021_LOIT_170_Baeume (3).JPG   2021_LOIT_170_Baeume (4).JPG 

Paolo Festa presenting the commemorative plate.

Children enjoying games organized by local squad of boy scouts.


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