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Lohmann receives two Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Awards for low-CO2 and energy-saving adhesive tape production

The high-tech adhesive tape manufacturer Lohmann has received the prestigious Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award twice
In the category "Special Award of the Minister of Economic Affairs 2023: CO2 Reduction through Innovative Processes and Products" and "Special Industry Award". The family-owned company was honored by the expert jury for two innovations: for TwinMelt, an adhesive tape production line with low CO2 consumption, and UV-LUX, the world's first adhesive tape that can be cured with UV light.

TwinMelt technology enables up to 66% lower energy consumption per square meter of adhesive tape, doubles production speed and does not use solvents. It is powered by 100% green electricity and is the basis for the adhesive specialists' latest developments in the field of bio-based adhesive tapes. The product-specific carbon footprint is greatly reduced. UV-LUX also optimizes fully automated processing: through activation of the reactive adhesives used within seconds, faster curing and lower energy consumption. In particular, sensitive components such as electronic sensors, which would be damaged by heat curing, benefit from the energy-saving activation by UV light. The color change of the adhesive tape, which indicates the chemical reaction, additionally increases safety in the process and thus the quality of the end products. The use of UV light for curing adhesives is a process that, thanks to Lohmann's development, can also be used for adhesive tapes for the first time. Both innovations make a decisive contribution to greater sustainability.

 Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award 2023 category CO2 reduction for TwinMelt technology.jpg   Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award 2023 Category Special Award Industry for UV-LUX Technology.jpg 
Dr. Carsten Herzhoff (COO Lohmann) and Renate Fofana (Head of Industrial Segment at Lohmann) accept the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award 2023 in the category "CO2 Reduction" from Minister of Economics Daniela Schmitt. ©MWVLW-RLP / Reiner Voß Dr. Ruben Friedland (R & D at Lohmann) and Cornelia Hoß (Head of Innovation Management & New Business Development at Lohmann) accept the Innovation Award Rhineland-Palatinate 2023 in the category "Special Award Industry" from Minister of Economics Daniela Schmitt. ©MWVLW-RLP / Reiner Voß


"It is a great honor for us as the Executive Management of a Neuwied company, also on behalf of our employees, to be recognized by the Minister of Economics Daniela Schmitt for our commitment and achievements in the field of sustainability and technology. The award encourages us in our efforts to continue implementing innovative and pioneering ideas. We are proud to operate in a region that promotes innovation and progress," said Dr. Jörg Pohlman (Chief Executing Officer and Managing Partner at Lohmann) and Dr. Carsten Herzhoff (Chief Operating Officer at Lohmann).

The Innovation Award is presented by the Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture together with the state working groups of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Chambers of Crafts in five categories for innovative products, processes or services developed, manufactured or used by companies in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Category CO²-Reduction: TwinMelt Category Special Award Industry: UV-LUX
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